Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2014 Pawtucket Red Sox Christmas Party with Drake Britton & #1 Prospect Blake Swihart

A few Fridays ago was the annual Pawtucket Red Sox Christmas party and while they usually don't bring in very good players to interact with fans, this year was much different. For this year's party it was announced that Red Sox pitcher, Drake Britton, and newly appointed #1 overall Red Sox Prospect, Blake Swihart would be attending.

I had met Britton a number of times in the past, but had surprisingly never met Swihart. I say surprisingly, because usually by the time a Red Sox player has made it to the AAA level I have at least seen them at AA and sometimes even  A. Nonetheless, I was excited for this opportunity.

The event was scheduled for 6 I believe, and I was working in Connecticut til around 5. This wasn't a big deal because it doesn't take too long to get to Pawtucket most times. Unfortunately, I hit rush hour traffic which delayed my arrival, but this wasn't a problem as both players were scheduled to be there until 8.

When I got to the stadium, I first walked into the team store where Blake was at a table greeting fans. He was really great, and signed everything I presented to him. I was really happy to have finally met this player with such a promising future.

After I was done talking to Blake, I walked to the Red Sox clubhouse where Drake was greeting people. He also signed whatever people had, and actually offered to sign the extra photo I had of him before I could even ask him.

This was a great, quick event, with some solid players and I really hope the Pawtucket Red Sox keep bringing players like this in to sign rather than any random players they can get a hold of.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Train 12/12/14

Friday night was 96.5 TIC's annual All Star Christmas concert in Connecticut, which meant some of the biggest names in popular/lighter rock music such as Train,Daughtry, Ingrid Michaelson, Matt Nathanson + more would be around. The event was being held at a venue I have had success with in the past, so I thought it would definitely be a good idea to try to meet some of the bands.

I got to the venue really early, and after about 2 minutes of standing where I usually stand, the security guy kicked me out and said, "Since the parking lot isn't open yet, you can't come back until 5." I thought this was a load of bull $h!t because the parking lot was open, but I didn't argue in hopes of saving any chance I had of spending time there later. Anyway, I left and got some food and came back around 5 but it was clear that all of the bands were inside and the buses weren't even running, which made it even more clear that I would have to wait until later, so I just went inside and waited until the doors opened at 6.

Fast forward to after the show. I went straight outside, and Daughtry's buses were already gone, as were many of the others. The headliner was Train, so I knew I would at least have a shot at them.

After maybe a half hour, Pat Monahan walked out, and before anyone(there were like ten of us) even said anything, he waved and said he would be right back out. His manager told us he was just grabbing him another jacket, and as he said, 2 minutes later he emerged from the bus and came right over to me.

I should mention that the same security guy that kicked me out earlier, ended up telling everyone to line up behind me since I had been there all day. I thought that was pretty nice, and it made me kind of glad that I didn't go off on him earlier.

Pat was very nice. Looking back, I wish I had the "Drops of Jupiter" or even "California 37" albums, but I had made a last minute decision to go, and only had Train's newest album. Nonetheless, I was thrilled to meet Pat, and he was great to everyone.

Jimmy was obviously the other guy I wanted to meet, but the band's manager said he had ran out right after the show since he had his baby with him.

Overall, I couldn't complain about my results because I had left the venue having met one of the most popular and consistent bands of the last twenty years.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Top 50 Interactions of 2014

Another great year is in the books, which means it is time for the 4th annual GB Autographs Best of the Year Countdown!

In my opinion, I think this may be the strongest year overall for the blog ever, which is saying a lot because 2013 was amazing.

I can't wait to hear all of your feedback, and while I have stepped back a little since starting my new job/life happened, I really appreciate you all still coming back to read time and time again.

Previous Countdowns:

As always, this list is highly subjective, and is based on 2014 relevance of the person,quality of the person in their area of work, my liking of them, and my experience with them.

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Rank|Name|Job|Place I Met Them

50. Manny Delcarmen,2007 World Series Champion w/ Red Sox, Pawtucket,RI
 photo 20140413_082153_zpssqrz7y6n.jpg

49. Steve Lyons, Former Red Sox/Current Analyst, Pawtucket,RI
 photo IMG_0569_zps6ede2010.jpg

48. Henry Owens, Red Sox Top Pitching Prospect, New Britain,CT
 photo 20140417_162314_zpsnkodlgyf.jpg

47.Officer Steve Horgan, 2013 World Series Icon, Pawtucket,RI
 photo 20140405_134753_zps1ttzgvlf.jpg
 photo Horgan_zps138e00a9.png

46. Luke Hancock, 2013 NCAA Final Four MVP, Storrs,CT
 photo DSC03973_zps152c81d7.jpg

45. Montrezl Harrell, Star Louisville Player, Storrs,CT
 photo DSC03974_zps0314f7b8.jpg
 photo DSC03972_zps4d54d54f.jpg

44. Nick Ahmed, Arizona Diamondbacks, Wethersfield,CT
 photo IMG_0687_zps78deae5d.jpg

43. Evan Turner, Boston Celtics, Uncasville,CT
 photo IMG_0745_zpsaf0d847c.jpg

42.Boston Rob Mariano, SURVIVOR Redemption Island Winner,Uncasville,CT
 photo 20140611_192824_zpsjzqpop7y.jpg

41.Rick Reilly, Journalist,West Hartford,CT
 photo 20140515_192930_zps53ncu8y7.jpg
 photo RickReilly_zpsb934d62d.jpg

40.Brandon Workman,Boston Red Sox, Pawtucket,RI
 photo DSC01925_zpsde2f4f68.jpg

39.Sean Rodriguez, Tampa Bay Rays, Boston,MA
 photo 20140430_194051_zpsrnkknsvt.jpg

38.Mookie Betts, Boston Red Sox, New Britain,CT
 photo 20140418_133010_zpskiubctvd.jpg

37.Grant Balfour, Tampa Bay Rays,Boston,MA
 photo 20140430_194131_zps6afyszpk.jpg

36.Maurice Clarett, Former All-American Running Back,Willimantic,CT
 photo 0226142326_zps54aa6e9a.jpg

35.Munenori Kawasaki,Toronto Blue Jays, Pawtucket,RI
 photo 20140421_233114_zpststmp0fz.jpg

34.Bryce Cotton, Former Providence Friar, Providence,RI
 photo 0204141822_zps83d208ab.jpg

33.Kevvin Ollie, Former NBA Player/Current UCONN Head Coach, Storrs,CT
 photo DSC03638_zpse1565386.jpg

32.Ricky Moore, Former UCONN Basketball Star, Storrs,CT
 photo DSC03639_zps773b3097.jpg

31. Tom Higgenson,Plain White T's, Wallingford,CT
 photo 20140613_175727_zpsmt9u48qa.jpg
 photo Tom_zps230fe904.jpg

30.Brandon Bass,Boston Celtics,Uncasville,CT
 photo IMG_0745_zpsaf0d847c.jpg

29.Kelly Olynyk,Boston Celtics,Uncasville,CT
 photo IMG_0745_zpsaf0d847c.jpg

28.Jeff Green,Boston Celtics,Uncasville,CT
 photo IMG_0745_zpsaf0d847c.jpg

27.Chris Webby,Rap Artist,Meriden,CT/Providence,RI
 photo 20141103_212702_zpsfzfrppjs.jpg
 photo 10408685_10203807518482418_8004509067603267798_n_zps4bd9df1d.jpg

26. George Springer, Houston Astros Star, Wethersfield,CT/Providence,RI
 photo IMG_0683_zps0f72085d.jpg
 photo IMG_0681_zpsc67bc4ee.jpg

25.Ron Washington,Former Texas Rangers Manager,Boston,MA
 photo 20140410_083425_zpsz5qtsvck.jpg

24.Ryan Boatright, UCONN Basketball Star,Storrs,CT
 photo DSC03640_zpsd5c81b9a.jpg

23.Daniel Nava, Bostyon Red Sox, Pawtucket,RI
 photo Nava_zpsd9e7f6c6.jpg

22.Brock Holt, Boston Red Sox, Pawtucket,RI
 photo DSC02163_zps7e26195f.jpg

21. Shabazz Napier,Miami Heat,Storrs,CT
 photo 1115130751br_zpsc7fbb8ac.jpg

20.Jared Sullinger,Boston Celtics,Uncasville,CT
 photo IMG_0745_zpsaf0d847c.jpg

19.Avery Bradley,Boston Celtics,Uncasville,CT
 photo IMG_0745_zpsaf0d847c.jpg

18.Jim Calhoun,Naismith Hall of Famer/Former UCONN Head Coach,Storrs,CT
 photo DSC03637_zps950b46e8.jpg

17.Nick Cannon,TV Star(Wild 'n Out,America's Got Talent),Uncasville,CT
 photo NickCannon_zps2d57c73c.jpg
 photo NickCannon_zps7856e877.jpg

16. Jeff and Matt Hardy, Former WWE Stars, Waterbury,CT
 photo Hardys_zpsdee59680.jpg

15. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, Former WWE Star, Waterbury,CT
 photo 20141019_102550_zpsab1ebe43.jpeg

14. Dick Vitale, Naismith Hall of Famer/ESPN Analyst, Storrs,CT
 photo DSC03971_zps44f33c32.jpg

13. Rick Pitino, Naismith Hall of Famer/Louisville Head Coach, Storrs,CT
 photo DSC03970_zps19bf929e.jpg

12.Matt Nathanson, Musician,Wallingford,CT
 photo Nathanson_zpsdaa2f7b7.jpeg

11.Walt Frazier,Naismith Hall of Famer,Uncasville,CT
 photo IMG_0752_zpsb08e2cd4.jpg

10.Cedric the Entertainer,Actor/Comedian,Pawtucket,RI
 photo 20140831_234111_zps3l5s2tel.jpg

9.Chris Tucker,Actor,Pawtucket,RI
 photo 20140831_223431_zps2yurybju.jpg

8.Alex Morgan, United States Soccer Star, Hartford,CT
 photo 20140622_232156_zpsdt7xfvky.jpg
 photo AlexMorgan_zps9051ae45.jpg

7.Ray Allen, NBA Legend & 3 point King, Storrs,CT
 photo IMG_361828894861_zpsd48lvbfm.jpeg

6.Madeleine Albright, Former Secretary of State, Willimantic,CT
 photo Albright_zps28e8a4d3.jpg

5.Boyd Tinsley,Dave Matthews Band,Hartford,CT

-A member of one of my favorite bands of all time, Boyd has been in the spotlight for around 2 decades now, and when I met him was one of the most caring/appreciative musicians I have ever met.
 photo IMG_21468570130934_zps07qhig5x.jpeg

4. Yu Darvish,Texas Rangers Star, Boston,MA

-My first big success in Boston. I am one of the biggest Red Sox fans out there, but I had never really made it up to many games until last year. Meeting Yu after batting practice certainly made me see the potential of 'graphing in Boston, and 2014 was just the tip of the iceberg.

 photo 20140410_083524_zpsgozgcbiv.jpg

3. Shane Victorino, 2013 Red Sox Hero, Pawtucket,RI

This was probably my most shocking success ever. Shane is notoriously known as one of the meanest guys in all of sports, but luck, and knowing where to be made for an early season success I will never forget.
 photo Victorino_zpsb936ea1b.jpg

2.Chris Christie,Governor of New Jersey,Groton,CT/Windsor Locks,CT

-I had been wanting to start getting more political autographs, and the way I succeeded  with Chris Christie over two weeks in late October/early November made a strong case for me continuing as the 2016 election looms.

Let's hope CC runs a successful campaign in 2016!

 photo IMG_1001_zps655da15c.jpg
 photo IMG_0998_zpsca971b38.jpg

1.Chris Daughtry,Daughtry,Wallingford,CT

I went into this night with the hopes of just having a good time at my favorite band's concert, and I left well after midnight having met one of the people who has been high on my list to meet for the longest time. I have been following Chris closely literally since the airing of his American Idol audition, and now 4 albums later, I am still a huge fan. This encounter meant so much to me, both as a fan and musician.

 photo 20140613_175701_zpsoawgmxji.jpg
 photo 20140613_001317_zpsby9rjpcy.jpg